Will weddings resume?

Governor Cuomo Announces Wedding Receptions and Catered Events Can Now Resume Statewide. Just when things seemed to be going well, the omicron variant arrived in the United States just in time for the holidays as well. Lee planned a wedding during this increase and says it required some changes, such as moving cocktail hour outdoors, suggesting (but not requiring) masks, and requiring PCR tests in advance. She says that about 30 positive tests returned ahead of time, which reduced the risk since those people did not attend.

However, some people were still infected at the event. You can mitigate it, but that's all. At this point, it's more about guests doing what they need to do to feel comfortable, she says, adding that at that particular wedding some guests chose to go home after cocktails. Talking about vaccination status, while many couples may choose to request proof of vaccination, just the knowledge that vaccines were out there changed the “100 million percent” COVID-19 wedding planning game, says Lee.

It was a risk to life to attend anything. Now, if you put it on (and get vaccinated) you probably won't die. Once vaccine rollout was underway, she says she saw clients “thaw out” and resume normal life and wedding planning. For Stephens and Morales, vaccines played an important role in their decision to go ahead with a wedding.

Trust and communication between them and their guests are also key. Experts agree that, even with contracts and precautions in place, the number one tool in a couple's arsenal right now is flexibility and the ability to change if plans change. Valley encourages its clients to consider three “definitive versions” of their wedding when it comes to location, season, and guest count. That way, if there is a sudden increase, they can go for plan B or even plan C.

She advises couples hosting destination weddings to post links to the country or state's COVID restrictions and rules on their website and to check back regularly. And speaking of destinations, Mexico and California are hot spots right now due to their good weather and ease of travel, according to Laesser-Keck. Europe used to be the place to go, but with strict COVID-19 restrictions, it's no longer such an easy destination for guests. For those who already wanted a smaller wedding but felt guilty, leaving out everyone from uncles and aunts to Mom's third cousin once eliminated, COVID provided a no-questions-asked reason to have a small wedding without offending anyone.

Laesser-Keck adds that for destination weddings, this has created an opportunity to create a vacation with close friends and family outside of the wedding. Now, she says, people are planning day trips where the wedding ceremony is just one part of it. And experts agree that guests are ready and willing to participate in special events like that. The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

As the situation continues to flow smoothly, we'll share tips and stories from industry experts and couples who are experiencing cancellations to give you the most up-to-date advice on how this may affect your wedding. Planning A Wedding During The Pandemic Wedding Shame Is Real Here's How To Deal With It What A COVID Bride Learned During Wedding Planning Therapy Precautions To Take Before, During And After Events How To Postpone Or Cancel Your Wedding When To Postpone Your Wedding After COVID What Are Special Events Are you sure? How to Talk About Coronavirus with Your Guests Text for Every Message You'll Need to Send How to Reduce the Size of Your Guest List How to Modify Your Wedding Details for Another Season Buying Dresses During a Pandemic The 7 Best Places to Virtually Buy a Suit How to Make Your Makeup Last Under a Mask The bigger hair %26 Bridal Makeup Trends The Most Inspirational Weddings of the Year How Long Should You Delay Your Wedding After Coronavirus? America's Best Brides' Wedding Planners The Wedding Boom Is Affecting Couples, Guests, and Planners This Year and Beyond What the COVID-19 Vaccine Means for Your Wedding Is the Pandemic Changing Wedding Planning Timelines Forever? How to Have a Macro Wedding (If Minimalism Isn't Your Thing) Wedding Planning Stress? Experts give their opinion on how to enjoy the experience. At this time, any number of guests can attend a wedding ceremony or reception that takes place outdoors or in a public place protected by COVID-19. .