Why weddings are overrated?

You'll have to make the decisions. Most engagements last an average of 14 months, especially since you have to book things like the place and the photographer well in advance. But if you don't care where you get married, you can do it next week. At some point in our lives, most of us, if not all, have had to endure attending a wedding.

Maybe it was for a close friend, family member, or even your own wedding. Perhaps you were even part of the court as a bridesmaid or best man. Personally, I have had to endure all of the above. My brothers are married and I was part of their courts.

I have attended numerous family weddings throughout my life. My best friends have also been married. I was also in their courts. It's as if weddings are as inevitable as puberty and the loss of baby teeth, and equally unfavorable.

Some of my friends from college tried to impose all the tired stereotypes on us after the wedding. They made us feel guilty about having our own friends, our own social gatherings, our own hobbies. One of them even tried to embarrass us for playing computer games on the weekends. Mass celebrations are out; small, intimate ceremonies for two are underway.

Chris Schulz finds out what's behind the rise of 'getaway' wedding packages. Also known as what it will cost you to get married. With an average wedding costing the whopping £22,000, you want to hope it lasts, and that cake tastes great. Show me a person who was the same as twenty-four and thirty-nine and I'll show you a person who needs to put more energy into personal growth.

There's a lot to be said for swimming against the grain, and while marriage is still the natural progression of most relationships around the world, not living in 1807, fortunately you have the option of choosing not to do what is expected of you.