Which wedding ring goes on first?

Tradition dictates that once you are married, you must first wear your wedding ring so that it is closer to your heart and then the engagement ring. Both are worn on the third finger of the left hand. Some even choose to carry them separately, one in each hand. Tradition says that a married woman should wear her wedding ring on the inside of her finger.

In other words, it goes first, followed by the engagement ring on the outside. Many say it's because the wedding ring should be the closest to the heart, but there's also a practical reason. Makes it easier to remove the engagement ring to protect and clean diamonds and gems. Some people like to stack their wedding ring and engagement ring on the same finger.

In this case, the wedding ring is put on first and then the engagement ring. So how do you wear your engagement ring and wedding band at your wedding? If you follow this path, remove your engagement ring before the ceremony so you don't have to deal with losing it or clumsily touching it at the altar. Carry it in your right hand or store it in a very safe place. Once you've said yes, you can put your flare back on for the reception or wait a bit to admire your new band on your own.

The first option is to wear them on your traditional ring finger, on your left hand, in the order you received them. This means that the diamond ring goes on the bottom and the wedding band goes on the top. This is a traditional way of wearing rings, but it may not work with all ring styles or finger types. An engagement ring is always given before marriage and before the wedding ceremony as a way of declaring the promises you want to make to each other.

It's like a mileage marker for all your future intentions. Think of it as the precursor to a great love story.