When weddings go brutally wrong?

The family that is united stays together · 4. They are still married 30 years later and have two children together, but I think they are separated from the groom's family. My cousin and his sweet wife got married two years ago. First of all, they were very unlucky with the weather, and what was supposed to be good cool autumn weather ended up being a heat wave with a dust storm.

It was smoking outside, 100 degrees with full humidity. The first very obvious problem was that they had been planning an outdoor wedding in a cool climate. As such, many of the dishes they were going to eat for their buffet dinner were mayonnaise and meat, and they had been sitting outside in the heat after the ceremony without much means to keep them cold. My grandfather, who is now 89 years old, very skinny, 6'2 tall, and is an English teacher, said: “I'm 87 years old, but if you don't shut up right now I'll put the 87 years of my fist on your face.

The lady was stunned, but eventually responded in a sarcastic tone, which caused my brother-in-law and I to get up and kick her out of the premises along with the rest of her horrible family. We had known each other for a while and she was like a child. I slept 10 to 12 hours a day and needed help doing the most basic tasks. In addition to that, she always pushed me to seek promotion, even though I only met one of the 10 qualifications required to move up in my job.

It might be terrible for me to admit, but I'm a pretty ugly guy and I've had a hard time with girls all my life. It felt more like a funeral than anything else; just people talking quietly to each other. I tracked down the club's wedding photographer because I knew he would probably have details and found him chatting with a bridesmaid. Apparently, the couple were super Christian, conservative, and young like, in their 20s.

The boyfriend was sent to a gay “pray far” camp as a high school student after being caught with his best friend. The groom's sister chatted with the bride's sister. Just casual conversation, but it came to light that almost 100% of what the bride had said besides her name was a total lie. The groom's sister calls him and tells him that he really needs to find out if this is right.

A few fights and a little reflection later, the groom leaves her and leaves town. At the time, I said forget it, we'll take them dirty, and the crew and I spent several more hours after the long journey home doing them. That was the day I worked a 15-hour shift without a break and still ruined the wedding. Needless to say, I quit that job.

This might not count, but it was like 12 hours before the wedding and one of my ex's best friends had a destination wedding in Mexico. Both parties stayed in a huge mansion overlooking the water. I wasn't at the wedding party, but I was at a nearby hotel. The night before the wedding, the bridesmaids and groomsmen stayed up late partying.

We all thought it was going to be the wedding of the decade. On the day of, my brother is nowhere to be seen. My parents were starting to worry, but they kept quiet because they didn't want to ruin my sister's big day. As we sat and watched the 40-hour Catholic ceremony, we heard a car stop screeching in front of the church.

Everyone turned their heads toward the door, expecting to hear a rumble. I was kicked out of my cousin's wedding reception with about 20 people. My cousin had her wedding on a farm with a massive pork roast. As far as I remember, there were a lot of people.

Anyway, his father and my other older cousin never got along. At one point during the reception, my older cousin had enough and completely lost it. She grabs my phone, demands that my ex order everyone to leave the club. Ex tries to explain that it will not be easy to get 40 highly intoxicated men out of the club when they had already “started”.

Meanwhile, the groom keeps ignoring the bride's calls. The bride demands that we all leave. The bride and groom's sister is involved in a physical altercation and has to be separated. I worked at a wedding when I was younger.

I ran the reception bar, which was very close to the room where the weddings were held. We were told that the reception would start around 4 p.m. It was already around 3 o'clock and I was packing refrigerators, the usual waiter's stuff, while one of the male guests was still sitting there drinking. The phrase was never uttered during the wedding, so everything was fine.

The witch still hates me even though her daughter and I have been married for 27 years. I worked on a tropical island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, and there were many weddings. Most days, there would be one or two. Once, this boyfriend's party came to my bar.

They were at the dollar party before the wedding the next day, and they were handsome in their cups at 4 in the afternoon. I imagined that they would start early and end early, given that they had a ceremony at dawn. About an hour later, they went to another bar on the island. Then, the bride's party came, equally drunk.

I finished work at 9 in the evening, and then came back three hours later to work at the nightclub. I arrived at midnight and started serving drinks. I was very busy, with about 250 people in the club. Around 1 am, the bride, groom and their wedding parties arrived absolutely destroyed.

At that time, they should have been drinking for 15 to 18 hours. The time of the ceremony turned around and she couldn't walk down the hall in her heels, so she threw them away. The groom and all his friends were very drunk and could barely stand. They tried to pronounce their vows, but the celebrant didn't understand them.

I once attended a partner's wedding. Both were young, maybe about 22 or 23 years old. Apparently, there is a tradition of “caking” in some parts of the country where, when they cut the wedding cake, the couple feeds a little and smears each other on their faces as a joke. The bride had made it absolutely clear to the groom that she DID NOT want to be caked.

The ceremony began and the bridal party went down to take its places. Then the bride showed up with her father. She took three or four steps down the concrete steps, then disaster struck. His shoe twitched in it and he fell a good 12 feet or more.

He broke most of his front teeth in the fall, and there was so much blood everywhere. Since my photos didn't matter as much, I had been able to capture those natural moments between them, rather than the staged wedding photos. So they had the normal photos in the album, but also about 150 snapshots of just them being a couple. She was crying from the moment we arrived until we left a few hours later.

He was a shadow of the woman he had met just a week before. Oh, and did I mention it was October? It was actually Halloween, around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and windy. This is important because it was an outdoor wedding in a park with no covered venue attached, so guests literally had to wait in their seats in the freezing cold. They ended up waiting more than an hour and a half.

Divorce papers have already been filed and should be final within a few months. After the reception, my friend explained to me that the groom was originally in a relationship with the girlfriend. After 10 years together, he began sleeping with his sister, the woman at the back of the room. They were close sisters, until both women became pregnant with him, simultaneously fighting each other like dogs and cats for the next few years.

However, when we tried them on, there was a downside to their plans. I have very small feet (technically a 3 in children, although I have some size 5 shoes left). The heels I wanted were sky-high and strapless. When I put them on and tried to walk, my feet kept slipping.

They also had an open toe, so I couldn't fill in the front as I had in the past. I went to a co-worker's wedding about 15 years ago and this happened at the reception. It was a beautiful outdoor spot overlooking a lake. Anyway, the groom had planned to sing a song to his new wife and make a fireworks launch while singing the last note.

Well, the last note came, but the fireworks didn't. He held that last note for a good 10 seconds before he finally shouted “JESUS” and threw the microphone down. Then he ran to go fight the fireworks guy. A couple of years ago, I was a waitress in a function room who was organizing a reception.

The music started but no one came in for 30 seconds, so the DJ cuts the music. Then, everyone heard loud arguments in the lobby for about a minute, and two men later stumbled into the hall fighting each other. They were the bride's groom and brother. He looked like a zombie and wore street clothes, which made things worse since it wasn't a junk wedding.

The girlfriend was a professional dancer for a pop star from a major label, so it gives you an idea of the type of people who were present. This did not happen at a wedding, but on a 30-year wedding anniversary. I worked as a waiter in a hotel and we had dance halls for private parties and other major events. The bride and groom had spared no expense.

There were about 100 guests, a five-course meal, open bar and an all-day party. We were supposed to close it at 4 in the morning. . .