What weddings are allowed?

For indoor wedding ceremonies, 50% of the space capacity established by the certificate of occupancy, with a maximum of 50 people. For outdoor wedding ceremonies, a maximum of 50 people, provided that all attendees can maintain at least 6 feet of social distance. Between outdated guidelines that don't apply to modern nuptials and the self-imposed ideas couples learn about what a wedding is supposed to be, there will never be a big day plan that works for everyone. But there are some rules that you must abide by no matter what.

Whether you're a bride, groom, or wedding guest, here are 20 you should definitely follow. WEDDING CEREMONIES AND RECEPTIONS There is no numerical limit for indoor or outdoor gatherings, including wedding receptions and ceremonies. There will be no limit to the number of people allowed to attend weddings, civil unions and receptions in England starting July 19.