What wedding anniversary is 30 years?

The 30th anniversary is known as the pearl wedding. The pearl, with meanings of purity, honesty and wisdom, is the traditional gift of the 30th wedding anniversary. The current idea for this anniversary is the diamond, which represents lasting durability and strength, as well as the continuous fire of love in the hearts of any long-married couple. Three Decades of Conjugal Bliss are Undoubtedly Worth Celebrating.

If you and your spouse are approaching this milestone (or know a partner who is), choosing a meaningful 30th anniversary gift is a great way to commemorate the occasion. That's why we've compiled the best wedding anniversary gift ideas you can buy right now. From traditional pearl gifts to unique alternatives, there's something on our list for everyone. Whether you're celebrating 30 years with your partner or congratulating your parents or friends, you're sure to find the perfect pearl anniversary gift for this incredible achievement.

Each year of marriage is associated with traditional material. The material of the 30th anniversary is pearl. Pearls symbolize inner beauty and the kind of special bond that drives a 30-year relationship. While pearl jewelry is a timeless gift, you can definitely interpret the subject in different ways.

We've done the work for you and found a variety of material-inspired gifts that will suit every taste. In addition to pearls, modernists have also adopted diamonds as one of the symbols of the 30th anniversary. Like pearls, diamonds can withstand pressure and time, so what better way to represent your lasting marriage than with the most precious gem? While diamond jewelry may be the first thing that comes to mind, diamond-shaped gifts are a unique (and yet totally acceptable) twist. If you want to stick to the traditional theme of 30th anniversary gifts, you've come to the right place.

We have chosen the most unique and romantic pearl gifts for this special milestone. The best part? You can buy all of these significant selections online. Pearlescent details are a unique addition to any home decor. This sophisticated mother-of-pearl photo frame will look great with a nostalgic wedding photo.

It's a timeless 30th anniversary gift for your spouse, partner, friends or parents. Watches are a sweet way to let your other half know how much you appreciate the time you've spent together. This stunning watch features a luxurious black Italian leather strap complemented by 48 beautiful hand-set mother-of-pearl pearls surrounding the dial. Modern and minimalist in equal measure, this 30 year anniversary gift will add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Looking for a unique 30th anniversary gift that still recognizes the traditional theme? Instead of pearl gemstones, buy pearl chocolates. These exquisite treats from the Parisian confectionery brand Maison Boissier come in three different flavors (dark chocolate, crunchy chocolate and raspberry chocolate) packed in decorative floral cans. We couldn't write a summary of pearl anniversary gifts without including beautiful pearl jewelry. Not only are pearl earrings a quintessential version of the traditional 30th anniversary gift, but they are also a timeless accessory to add to your partner's jewelry box.

These freshwater cultured pearl earrings set in 14k white gold come in four different sizes. Opt for a smaller pair if your partner likes discreet jewelry, or buy the larger size for the person who wants their jewelry to stand out. Swap pearls for oysters with this creative 30th anniversary gift. Makes a fun and unusual 30th anniversary gift for anyone obsessed with seafood.

Now, all you need is some seafood to prepare a delicious anniversary dinner for two. Give your partner a technological upgrade with a pair of wireless headphones. These headphones have an elegant black pearl design to pay homage to the traditional 30-year anniversary theme. But not only are they nice to look at, but they offer crystal clear sound with intelligent noise cancellation technology.

They also come with a sturdy stainless steel case for safe storage and charging on the go. Best of all, you can customize the cover with your S, O. For a tasty take on the 30-year-old tradition, give tapioca pearls instead of gemstone pearls. If your partner loves bubble tea, this gift box will make them smile from ear to ear.

It's filled with seven different tea flavors, including chai, matcha and Earl Grey, tapioca pearls, milk and sugar. Pearl jewelry is timeless and adds an elegant touch to virtually any outfit. If your partner prefers the bracelet to necklaces or earrings, you can't go wrong with this delicate pearl bracelet. Five Akoya pearls are placed evenly along a brilliant 14K yellow gold cable chain.

Makes a perfect 30-year wedding anniversary gift for anyone with a sober style. Add a pearly touch to your partner's outfit. These Awesome Ox %26 Bull Trading Co. The cufflinks have iridescent mother-of-pearl discs placed within silver-finish settings for a 30th anniversary gift on the subject.

If you're married to a writer, this elegant mother of pearl twist action pen will make a 30th wedding anniversary welcome gift. Iridescent panels combine with 18k gold-plated brass fittings and a sterling silver body for a luxurious look and feel. The design is also available as a fountain pen. Pearlescent jewelry doesn't have to look so traditional.

These gold-plated drop earrings adorned with imitation pearls make beautiful and daring accessories. The heart design not only shows your partner how much you love them, but also fits the 30th anniversary theme. If pearls don't inspire you, don't worry. The trendy 30th wedding anniversary diamond material can be anyone's best friend.

A symbol of love and fidelity, it's no wonder that this brilliant stone represents 30 years of marriage. Ready to start shopping? We've Listed The Best Diamond-Themed Gifts Below. If you're looking for a 30th wedding anniversary gift that doesn't follow traditional pearl or diamond themes, you're in luck. We have compiled some alternative ideas that you will still appreciate.

From quite personalized household items to the trendiest new gadgets, these are truly unique gift ideas for the 30th anniversary. Here's another next-level photo gift idea. Change a traditional frame for a glass cube on an illuminated base. Choose your favorite photo with your partner and then add a personalized engraved message like “Happy 30th Anniversary”.

The traditional gift for 30 years of marriage is a pearl, something very special that is slow to grow. Pearl is a beautiful addition to homeware and jewelry, so whether your 30th wedding anniversary or someone you know's special anniversary is coming up, we have some of the best pearl wedding anniversary gift ideas for every type of budget. . .