What wedding anniversary is 20 years?

For the modern twist, platinum symbolizes the strength of your marriage. Emerald is the traditional 20th anniversary gemstone, green is associated with the landmark, and daylilies are the typical flower due to their strong but playful nature. The traditional 20th anniversary gift is porcelain, and the modern 20th anniversary gift is platinum. Check both boxes when you give the happy couple this exquisite Mikasa dinnerware set.

Elegant spirals are engraved on the gray border, and a thin platinum strip offers just a touch of sparkle. The 20th wedding anniversary gemstone is emerald, while the modern alternative is platinum. The combination of these two shiny materials would undoubtedly make a beautiful jewelry gift for this memorable occasion. Elegant and beautiful, but also delicate and fragile, porcelain is a general representation of your marriage after two decades.

Don't take it for granted or mishandle it, or it will break.