Are weddings fun?

You'll get closer to your friends and family. Weddings are a lot like camping. They are in small spaces, from one event to another. Read more fascinating findings, including regional trends and wedding guest confessions, below to learn more about hosting a wedding that appeals to you and your crowd.

May you achieve all your participation and participation objectives. On the other hand, Chertoff says you might want to stop being so careful about things that your guests don't care less about. Interestingly, the little details that everyone likes on Instagram or Pinterest are things that guests aren't really paying attention to, he says. People need a companion card to tell them what table they're sitting at, but it may not be necessary for a calligrapher to engrave each person's name on theirs.

Make it beautiful in a less expensive way. And what you've saved on drinking considerations could go to killer dance music for which nearly half of your guests are there, because, as Chertoff points out, music can make or break your wedding. Perhaps in another personal branding exercise, while most guests select shower gifts from the registry, millennials prefer to find their own and are less likely to give gifts of money than members of Generation X. Millennials are also more likely to select items on sale or with discount and strive to find something unique and meaningful for the couple.

Eventually, we came to a wedding altar call of a different kind. Here is a list of the percentages of wedding guests who confess to these conventionally frowned upon offenses. If 35 percent of people never visit a partner's website, that means 65 percent, that is, most people did, he points out. Make sure you have one with dress guidelines, registration information, and some detailed instructions.

They may not care who the members of your bridal party are, but they're going to need to know where they're going, Chertoff says. Being single at a wedding isn't the crushing doom that over-the-top movies like “The Wedding Date” and “27 Dresses tend to represent. With the right attitude and self-confidence, it's actually more preferable to attend alone than with an appointment. Weddings are only fun if you're drunk.

And if everyone has to get drunk to enjoy it, it's a sign that the event wasn't much fun to begin with.